Nice quality but I haven’t put it down yet. I’m a therapist and it will be used as part of a sensory obstacle course.

Kids hopscotch floor decals made of high quality & long lasting PVC
Easy to install. 100% safe, non-toxic, and fully waterproof. Can be used on floors or walls

Hopscotch Floor Decals | Floor Stickers | Numbers Floor Sticker

Original price was: $35.Current price is: $22.


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Perfect as a creative decoration for any bedroom or classroom.

  • Made of PVC material and covered with protective film, waterproof, and self- adhesive.
  • Durable and removable

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Original price was: $35.Current price is: $22.

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These DIY colourful hopscotch floor stickers will stimulate your childs curiosity and help understand numbers 1 to 10, and makes early education joyful and fun



The number floor sticker is made of PVC material and covered with a protective film. They are waterproof, and self-adhesive.



No tools needed, self-adhesive, just stick the hopscotch game stickers onto floor, corridor, window, door, painted wall or any smooth, flat, dry and dust free surface, which are very easy to stick and remove, and without damaging your home.
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What defines Hopscotch Floor Decals?
Hopscotch Floor Decals are interactive and colorful stickers designed to create a hopscotch game on floors, encouraging active play and physical activity among kids.
Can Hopscotch Floor Decals be easily removed without leaving residue?
Yes, many decals are made with removable adhesive, ensuring they can be peeled off without leaving marks or residue on floors.
How do Hopscotch Floor Decals contribute to kids' motor skills development?
They encourage hopping, jumping, and balancing, aiding in the development of coordination and motor skills in children.
Are Hopscotch Floor Decals designed with vibrant colors to attract kids' attention?
Absolutely, they come in bright and engaging colors to captivate kids’ interest and make playtime more enjoyable.
Can Hopscotch Floor Decals be used both indoors and outdoors?
Yes, they are versatile and suitable for various floor surfaces, indoors or outdoors, creating play opportunities in different environments.
What distinguishes Floor Stickers from traditional toys or games?
Floor Stickers offer interactive play directly on the floor, providing a unique and engaging experience for children.
Are Floor Stickers durable and able to withstand foot traffic?
Yes, most floor stickers are made from durable materials that can endure frequent use and foot traffic.
How do Floor Stickers stimulate creativity and imagination in children?
They often feature diverse themes and designs, sparking imaginative play and creative storytelling among kids.
Can Floor Stickers be repositioned multiple times without losing adhesiveness?
Many stickers are designed to be repositionable, allowing kids to move and rearrange them for different play scenarios.
Are Floor Stickers easy to clean and maintain?
Yes, they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
What characterizes Numbers Floor Stickers?
Numbers Floor Stickers are educational decals that feature numbers, aiding in teaching basic numeracy skills to children in an interactive way.
How do Numbers Floor Stickers support early childhood learning?
They help in introducing numbers, counting, and basic arithmetic concepts to young children through playful interaction.
Are Numbers Floor Stickers designed to be slip-resistant for safety?
Yes, many stickers are made with anti-slip materials to ensure safety during play and activities.
Can Numbers Floor Stickers be combined with other educational materials?
Absolutely, they can complement various educational tools and activities to reinforce numerical concepts.
How do Numbers Floor Stickers engage kids in both learning and play?
They integrate learning into playtime, making learning numbers and counting an enjoyable and hands-on experience for children.
Can Hopscotch Floor Decals be used in schools or daycare centers for physical education activities?
Yes, they are suitable for educational settings, encouraging physical activity and coordination among children.
Do Hopscotch Floor Decals come with instructions for easy application?
Absolutely, many packs include instructions for simple and precise application on floors.
How do Hopscotch Floor Decals encourage social interaction among children?
They facilitate group play, promoting interaction, turn-taking, and social engagement among kids.
Can Hopscotch Floor Decals be used as part of indoor obstacle courses for kids?
Yes, they can be integrated into obstacle courses to add a fun and active element to indoor play.
Are Hopscotch Floor Decals safe for different types of flooring surfaces?
Yes, most decals are designed to adhere safely to various floor types without causing damage.
Are Floor Stickers waterproof, suitable for areas prone to spills or moisture?
Yes, many stickers have waterproof properties, making them resilient against spills or occasional dampness.
How do Floor Stickers encourage cooperative play among children?
They offer opportunities for collaborative play and teamwork, fostering cooperation and communication among kids.
Can Floor Stickers be utilized in classrooms for interactive learning activities?
Absolutely, they are great teaching aids for interactive lessons, making learning enjoyable and memorable.
Do Floor Stickers include themed designs to cater to specific interests or educational topics?
Yes, they often come in diverse themes, catering to various interests such as animals, space, or letters.
Can Floor Stickers be used to create themed play zones in children's bedrooms or play areas?
Yes, they’re perfect for creating themed play areas, allowing children to immerse themselves in imaginative play.
Are Numbers Floor Stickers designed with bold and clear numbers for easy recognition?
Yes, they feature distinct and legible numbers to aid in easy recognition for early learners.
How do Numbers Floor Stickers assist in reinforcing numerical concepts at home?
They provide a hands-on learning experience, reinforcing counting and number recognition in a fun way at home.
Can Numbers Floor Stickers be used as part of interactive learning games or challenges?
Absolutely, they can be incorporated into games or challenges that involve counting or numerical exercises.
Are Numbers Floor Stickers resistant to fading from exposure to sunlight or frequent use?
Many stickers are made from durable materials that resist fading, ensuring long-lasting visibility of numbers.
Can Numbers Floor Stickers be combined with other learning tools for comprehensive numerical learning?
Yes, they complement various educational tools, enhancing the understanding of numbers in early education.
Embrace Playful Learning: Transforming Spaces with Hopscotch Floor Decals

Hopscotch, a timeless game loved by generations, now finds a new form of expression with Hopscotch Floor Decals. These innovative additions, also known as Floor Stickers or Numbers Floor Stickers, bring the joy of playful learning into homes and educational environments alike. Let’s explore the enchanting world of Hopscotch Floor Decals and their delightful role in merging fun and education.

Unveiling Hopscotch Floor Decals:

Hopscotch Floor Decals reimagine the traditional outdoor game, transforming it into an interactive learning experience that children can enjoy indoors. These creative stickers feature colorful designs and numerical patterns, encouraging physical activity while enhancing number recognition and coordination skills.

Benefits of Floor Stickers:

  1. Playful Learning: Hopscotch Floor Decals merge playfulness with education, allowing children to engage in physical activity while learning numbers, balance, and coordination.

  2. Versatile Application: These floor stickers can be applied to various indoor surfaces, including playrooms, classrooms, or even hallways, transforming any space into a fun and educational area.

  3. Engaging Design: The vibrant colors and playful designs of the stickers captivate children’s attention, making learning an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Features of Numbers Floor Stickers:

  • Durable Material: Made from durable vinyl or adhesive materials, these floor decals are designed to withstand foot traffic and play while remaining intact.

  • Easy Application: Simple peel-and-stick application makes it effortless to place these stickers on smooth surfaces, creating an instant interactive play area.

  • Educational Value: Hopscotch Floor Decals often incorporate numbers, encouraging children to recognize and engage with numerical sequences while playing.

Enhancing Learning Spaces with Floor Stickers:

Consider these factors when applying Hopscotch Floor Decals or Numbers Floor Stickers:

  1. Space and Surface: Ensure a clean and smooth surface for application, allowing sufficient space for hopping and playing.
  2. Safety Measures: Opt for non-slip decals or apply a clear sealant for added safety, preventing slips during active play.
  3. Engagement: Encourage children to participate in hopscotch games, fostering both physical activity and numeracy skills.


Hopscotch Floor Decals, also referred to as Floor Stickers or Numbers Floor Stickers, blend the joy of play with the benefits of learning. These creative additions transform indoor spaces into interactive and educational environments, encouraging children to engage in active learning while having fun.

Enliven your learning spaces with Hopscotch Floor Decals today, fostering a playful and educational atmosphere that ignites imagination and learning in young minds!


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