This was 100% worth the money and it’s been such a great product for my little one. He loved it at 3 months before he could even reach out and grip toys properly and now he is 6 months and still loves to engage with everything, grabbing and playing with the toys.

Premium newborn play mat & baby gym with 3 ways to play. Lay & play, tummy time & take-along play

Quick & easy to assemble. A variety of colours, textures engage & delight your baby’s senses


Baby Play Gym | Baby Floor Activity Mat | Infant Playmat

Original price was: $179.Current price is: $149.

(10 customer reviews)


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Gentle fabric and easily assembled for your baby’s development.

Our baby play mat is more than just a place for your little one to play. It’s a learning and development tool that will help your baby grow and explore the world around them.

The included hanging toys (x5) provide a great way for your baby to practice their hand-eye coordination and develop their gross motor skills.


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Original price was: $179.Current price is: $149.

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Interactive Toys Included

Five different hanging toys that easily attach to the play gym and encourage development of hand eye coordination from an early age.


Easy To Assemble

Our baby activity gym can be put together in only a few minutes, no tools required.



All toys are vibrant animals with two toys providing a sound experience when touched. The fabric is gentle on bub’s sensitive skin and soft when lying on.



The fabric is gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and soft when lying on.



Comes with a small padded cushion to help support your baby and provides additional comfort.
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Baby Gym & Play Mat

Our baby play mat is more than just a place for your little one to play. It’s a learning and development tool that will help your baby grow and explore the world around them.

Featuring bright colours, shapes, animals and an owl that rattles, our goal is that you can find some rest and relaxation as bub entertains themselves, encouraging visual and tactile development, as well as provide endless hours of entertainment.

The soft material provides a safe and comfortable play space and when it’s time to clean, simply pop it in the washing machine, making it a practical choice for busy parents.

In addition to being a fun and stimulating place for your baby to play, our baby play mat also serves as a baby gym. The hanging toys provide a great way for your baby to practice their hand-eye coordination and develop their gross motor skills.

Each Play Gym is easily assembled in only a few minutes with a total size of 82cm x 82cm x 55cm (w*l*h) and also comes with a small padded cushion to help support your baby and provide additional comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a baby play mat to provide entertainment and stimulation for your little one, or a baby gym to help them develop their gross motor skills, our baby play mat has you covered. It’s the perfect choice for parents looking to provide their child with a fun and safe place to play and learn.

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What defines a Baby Play Gym?
A Baby Play Gym is a versatile play area designed with hanging toys, interactive elements, and a soft mat to engage and stimulate infants during playtime.
Are Baby Play Gyms suitable for newborns?
Yes, they are designed to cater to newborns and provide sensory stimulation essential for their development.
Can a Baby Play Gym be used for tummy time activities?
Absolutely, it encourages tummy time, aiding in strengthening neck and upper body muscles.
How do Baby Play Gyms foster sensory development in infants?
They incorporate toys and textures that stimulate various senses, contributing to cognitive and sensory skill development.
Are Baby Play Gyms designed for easy storage or portability?
Many models are foldable or easily disassembled for convenient storage or travel.
What distinguishes a Baby Floor Activity Mat from other play surfaces?
A Baby Floor Activity Mat offers a comfortable and cushioned surface equipped with various activities to entertain and educate infants.
Can a Baby Floor Activity Mat be used outdoors for playtime?
While primarily designed for indoor use, some mats are suitable for outdoor play in controlled environments.
Are Baby Floor Activity Mats machine washable for easy maintenance?
Yes, many mats feature machine-washable covers for convenient cleaning.
How do Baby Floor Activity Mats promote motor skill development in infants?
They include elements like rattles, mirrors, and textures to encourage reaching, grasping, and physical exploration.
Can a Baby Floor Activity Mat be used as a cozy resting spot for infants?
Yes, it provides a comfortable spot for infants to rest, play, or engage in sensory activities.
What characterizes an Infant Playmat?
An Infant Playmat offers a soft and padded surface equipped with engaging toys and patterns to entertain and stimulate infants.
Can an Infant Playmat accommodate multiple infants for group play?
Depending on size, some playmats offer ample space for multiple infants to play together.
Are Infant Playmats designed to encourage visual stimulation in infants?
Yes, they often feature contrasting colors, shapes, and patterns to capture infants’ attention and aid visual development.
How do Infant Playmats support language development in infants?
They incorporate toys or activities that encourage vocalization and interaction, fostering language skills.
Can an Infant Playmat be converted into a standalone activity center?
Some playmats offer detachable components or adjustable features to transform into standalone activity centers.
Are Baby Play Gyms designed with adjustable heights for hanging toys?
Yes, many models offer adjustable settings to accommodate infants as they grow.
Can a Baby Play Gym be easily assembled without tools?
Absolutely, most are designed for easy assembly without the need for additional tools.
How do Baby Play Gyms aid in sensory exploration and cognitive development?
They incorporate textures, sounds, and colors that engage infants, promoting sensory exploration and cognitive growth.
Can a Baby Play Gym be used for stimulating infants during tummy time?
Yes, they provide a stimulating environment to encourage infants during tummy time, supporting their physical development.
Are Baby Play Gyms suitable for encouraging hand-eye coordination in infants?
Yes, they feature hanging toys that prompt infants to reach and grasp, enhancing their hand-eye coordination.
Can a Baby Floor Activity Mat accommodate infants as they start rolling or crawling?
Yes, it provides a safe and comfortable surface for infants to explore as they develop their motor skills.
Are Baby Floor Activity Mats designed with detachable toys for added versatility?
Some mats offer detachable toys or activity panels, allowing customization and varied play experiences.
How do Baby Floor Activity Mats stimulate infants' tactile senses?
They incorporate different textures and materials, encouraging infants to touch and explore different sensations.
Can a Baby Floor Activity Mat be easily transported for outdoor activities or travel?
Yes, many models are portable and can be folded or rolled up for convenient transport.
Are Baby Floor Activity Mats supportive of infants' neck and back development?
Yes, they provide a soft and padded surface ideal for infants’ comfort and development during supervised playtime.
Are Infant Playmats machine washable for easy cleaning?
Yes, many playmats come with removable, machine-washable covers or surfaces for hassle-free cleaning.
Can an Infant Playmat be utilized as a comfortable surface for infants' nap time?
Absolutely, it provides a cozy space where infants can relax or nap comfortably.
How do Infant Playmats encourage independent exploration in infants?
They feature engaging activities that prompt infants to explore, fostering their curiosity and independence.
Can an Infant Playmat be easily stored when not in use?
Yes, many playmats are designed to be foldable or rolled up for convenient storage.
Are Infant Playmats suitable for infants with sensitive skin?
Yes, they are crafted from soft and hypoallergenic materials, ensuring comfort for infants with sensitive skin.
Unveiling the Wonders of Baby Play Gyms: A World of Discovery and Development

In the realm of early childhood development, Baby Play Gyms stand as captivating havens for exploration, learning, and playful discovery. Also referred to as Baby Floor Activity Mats or Infant Playmats, these innovative spaces offer a nurturing environment where babies embark on a journey of sensory stimulation and skill development. Let’s delve into the world of Baby Play Gyms and their pivotal role in fostering early development in infants.

Embracing the Baby Play Gym:

A Baby Play Gym serves as a multifunctional platform designed to stimulate a baby’s senses and encourage motor skill development. These creatively designed spaces feature hanging toys, soft mats, and interactive elements that engage and entertain infants during their crucial stages of growth.

Benefits of a Baby Floor Activity Mat:

  1. Sensory Stimulation: Baby Play Gyms offer a variety of textures, colors, and sounds, providing sensory experiences that engage and captivate infants’ curiosity.

  2. Motor Skill Development: Interactive elements like hanging toys encourage reaching, grasping, and kicking, aiding in the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  3. Cognitive Development: The visual and auditory stimuli presented in play gyms stimulate cognitive development, encouraging early learning and exploration.

Features of Baby Play Gyms:

  • Interactive Toys: Hanging toys, mirrors, rattles, and textures on the mat surface engage and entertain babies, stimulating their senses.

  • Soft and Safe Materials: Baby Play Gyms are crafted from soft, non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for babies’ activities.

  • Portable and Adjustable: Many play gyms are designed to be easily folded or adjusted, making them convenient for travel or adapting to different spaces.

Choosing the Best Infant Playmat:

Consider these factors when selecting a Baby Play Gym or Infant Playmat:

  1. Age-Appropriate Features: Look for play gyms with toys and activities suitable for your baby’s stage of development.

  2. Size and Space: Choose a play gym that fits your available space and offers ample room for your baby’s movements and growth.

  3. Safety Considerations: Ensure the play gym meets safety standards and features non-toxic, baby-friendly materials.


Baby Play Gyms, also known as Baby Floor Activity Mats or Infant Playmats, serve as developmental hubs for young explorers. These engaging and stimulating environments offer a wealth of sensory experiences and developmental opportunities, nurturing a baby’s growth and curiosity.

Embrace the world of exploration and development with a Baby Play Gym today, providing a delightful and enriching space for your little one’s early discoveries!

10 reviews for Baby Play Gym | Baby Floor Activity Mat | Infant Playmat


    I bought this baby play gym for my nephew and he loves it! He loves the hanging toys. The quality is great

  2. Randall

    I bought the baby gym for my little boy at about 9 weeks of age for tummy time. He adores the colours and I love that I can move the toys around and even add other toys to it as well. Super easy set up and also easy to put away because it’s soft I just pop it behind the couch and it sort of folds itself. Definitely recommend this!


    Soft play mat, comfortable, bright and engaging, safe, easy to clean. Love it

  4. Susan

    Our play mat arrived today which was a lot quicker than I thought. It’s great quality and really nice colours, also will be very easy to clean. Great product overall I definitely recommend it!

  5. Stian

    This play mat is light enough, easy to assemble, does not take up much space. The material looks good quality. What kids love is the toys and pretty color. Easy to clean

  6. Victoria

    The product arrived within days and was exactly as described….a rare thing nowadays. Bought for my 2 month old niece, she already engages with it!

  7. Kelly

    The play mat is perfect and as pictured. Good quality, cannot complain at all.

  8. Madison

    My little one loves it, keeps him busy for 20-25 minutes with hanging toys, delivered on time. Highly recommended for little ones.

  9. rick

    The baby floor mat is as described, good quality. My 2 month old daughter loves looking at the bright colors! Would definitely recommend. Great value for the price.

  10. Matthew

    This play mat is set up very quickly so that Baby can enjoy it safely. I like the little nets that go up to the sides, they add significant protection if your child is a bit of a sleeper!
    The quality of the product is decent, The double arches are sturdy enough to hang toys and won’t fall on children even if they pull hard on the toys.

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